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The Philippine Typhoon Months
Published By averygirl72 on 2012-06-15 102 Views

The months of typhoon weather in the Philippines is here again. What preparations can we do during these rainy months?

Typhoon months

From my observation there are no typhoons at the start of the year and it was really rare. Usually typhoons starts at the month of May up to December. Usually typhoons are many during June, July, and August. The ber-months expect occasional storms and typically the strongest typhoons are during the ber-months now.

Right now we have the second storm for this year, the typhoon "Butsoy". The typhoon is officially now in the country. I see it is very dark outside again, though no wind gust I feel. I think this typhoon will hit some parts of Mindanao region and of course the Bicol Region- one of the place in the Philippines where typhoons usually land first and few times it can escape the wrath of typhoons.

Before typhoons are named after women because women are like typhoons when they get angry but now I guess they ran out of names or uses new batch of names for typhoons.

As from what I remembered, the typhoons now are not really windy, unlike before the wind gust is so heavy it can rip tarpaulins, knock down trees and make our wooden windows shake terribly. The problem now with typhoons is that it carries a lot of water. Heavy rains are continuous 24 hours, water dams really overflows, our place is not flood prone so we never see waters rise above our feet. In other places waters rise as high as second floor of their houses because their places catch all the excess water that has no where to go.

Whether you know your place is not easily flooded with water and your house had survive plenty of typhoons already and is still intact, it is better if you make necessary preparations for the typhoon months:

Here are some things to think about during a typhoon.

1. It is better to stay inside the house and avoid flooded waters since there is a possibility of electrocution from live wires and risk of infection from dirty flood waters.

2. Listen to news about the update of the typhoon, its direction and also its movement. If you think it will be a strong typhoon, don't be too relax, inform your community of where to evacuate just in case. For flood prone areas, it is better if there is a boat on standby.

3. Check all holes in your roof to avoid dripping waters or place heavy objects on top of the roof so that strong winds cannot lift the roofs easily.


Expect power loss or no electricity. So you need to store a lot of water, have battery powered radios and other gadgets around, candles, matchsticks, lamps. Full charge everything- your lamps, cellphone, gadgets, flashlights.

5. Expect the worst during typhoons so be ready for anything.

6. Check the places where your animals or pets live, make sure they are prepared too should flood comes in.

7. Ready all your pails and pans and old clothes should water seep in your house.

8. Whether there is announcement or no, it is better for kids just to stay home and not go to school anymore.

9. If water starts to get inside the house, rush quickly to save your things and move them to higher places, sometimes it takes a few minutes to see the water gets bigger.

10. Have stored foods ready, and everything you need inside the house so no need to go outside during those times. Have ready jackets, blankets and easy to cook soups around to warm yourself. 

The Philippine Typhoon Months

Issues, difficulties....Do you like them?

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